Delayed Shipping Notice

The COVID-19 outbreak - and the panic it created worldwide - has caused MASSIVE delays in our factory. 

We are receiving way more orders than we can fulfill in these conditions and, as a result, our customers have to wait longer than usual.

Every single member of the team is working tirelessly to get your water filter to your doorstep as soon as possible…  But this time, it’s simply not up to us.

We GIVE YOU OUR WORD that your package WILL find its way to you.

Yes, it will take longer than expected… But it WILL arrive. 

And once it does, you’ll be glad that you waited. 

Our filters will give you DECADES of purified water and protect you and your family from nasty chemicals and heavy metals.


That said, we will understand if you decide to cancel your order and ask for a refund.

But at the same time, we hope that you can understand the difficult position the Coronavirus has put us in and find patience to stick with us through these difficult times.

We can all make it out of this unharmed, TOGETHER.

Thank you… And please, stay safe.

The Water Guys

P.S. Your patience won’t go unrewarded!

We are already working on gifts and discounts for those of you who stick with us… Hope your name will be on that list.