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Here’s why our water purification pitcher beats other methods hands down.

Delivers Purified Water

Delivers Purified Water

Delivers Purified Water

Delivers Purified Water

Delivers Purified Water

Delivers Purified Water

R.O System


  • R.O System

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Included When You Order Today…

For the next 500 customers who purchase our filter, each order comes with 2 of our bestselling 8-Stage Alkaline Shower Filters. Plus – your own personal water testing kit.

2 x 8-Stage Alkaline Shower Filters

Our 8-stage filtration process traps fluoride, chlorine, lead, rust, chromium, heavy metals, and hard water. These impurities can cause eczema, dry & itchy skin, balding, and red rust stains. With The Water Guys shower filters, you can shower in pure, clean water that ensures softer, healthier hair and smoother skin.

Filtered shower water is good for…

Eczema relief

Reduced flaky dandruff

Getting rid of nasty odors

Removing chlorine

Softer and healthier hair

Younger looking and smoother skin

Combating bone-dry hair and skin

Filter lifespan

Each filter last on average 3-6 months or 10,000 gallons depending on your water usage.

1 x Water Testing Kit

Want to be sure that your water is fit for drinking, showering, and more? Our water testing kit measures the purity of your water so you can know with confidence if it’s safe. Try testing unfiltered tap water with water that’s gone through our filter – you’re certain to see a big difference!

What's Inside?


Chlorine Testing Drops

PH Testing Drops

Total Dissolved Solids Meter

Rated 4.8/5 Based on 50,000+ Happy Customers

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Rated 4.8/5 Based on 50,000+ Happy Customers

The Cleanest, Purest Water For Your Home

Only For $299.99 $199.95

No electricity needed; runs on water pressure alone

Unlimited clean, pure water from your tap

Reverse osmosis filtration eliminates harmful contaminants

Fully portable – purify water wherever you go

Easy installation (under 10 minutes) with 3 wires to tap

Saves you money compared to bottled water or under-sink systems

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